Hi Lo comp 2010

The Highs & Lows from the day
The first possible upset of the day.

Charon puts Sean in all kinds of trouble.

Sean battles back to force a win from a re-spotted black.

Simon uses the old invisible white trick.

He soon uses the real thing.
Simon wants to get on the blue but settles for the black.

Simon misses his chances verses Sean but Sean was not playing at full speed either.

Alberto had a chance of an upset by only just losing to the inform player Ferdous 2-1.

Billy "The Glove" has no problems dealing with Bowen, even with grim faced benard looking on.

Will Benard ever smile, i mean it will he..........................
Peter takes on potting power house Jazz and soon Jazz has Peter in all kinds of trouble, Peter must get it safe.

Peter tries to take control, but Jazz is just too good today.

Billy and ferdous battle it out in the first semi-final.

Jazz and Sean play in the second semi-final.

The two "Pro" players try to make it look easy.

But its the underdogs that come out on top.

Ferdous wins the final 2-1 but because he has got a match with Jimmy White from a previous qualifier Jazz gets the spot from this qualifier, so its smiles from both players after the final.


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